More Q&A

You are very curious! We have a lot of things to share, here's more. Remember you can reach out us at Discord, you can also open a Support Ticket from our #support-bugs channel.

How do I create my profile?

Go to "Launch App". If you are a recruiter, remember to pick "Looking for talent" , if you are a talent please pick "Looking for a job". Remember to read and accept the terms and how we manage your privacy. That's very important to us.

What is a full time job?

You join a great company! And you are part of their team. They will take good care of you.

What is a project?

If you see a post with the tag "Project" is because is a job with a defined time and scope, a freelance one.

What can I ask to the community?

You can ask for references, tips, or advice. We will make sure that help get rewarded!