You are very curious! You can always ask for more details on our Discord, you can also open a Support Ticket from our #support-bugs channel.

How do I create my profile?

Go to "Launch App". If you are a recruiter, remember to pick "Looking for talent" , if you are a talent please pick "Looking for a job". Remember to read and accept the terms and how we manage your privacy. That's very important to us.

How do I create a wallet?

For now we are working with Algorand. You can create a wallet with the Algosigner browser extension, if you install it you can use it to access our app. If you have already an Algorand Wallet, you might download the AlgoSigner extension and login with your existent credentials.

How do I earn tokens?

You are a member of the community, created your profile on our website with a wallet. Your participation on Discord will be rewarded if you post information that helps the community or help other directly. We will add specific bounties in the upcoming weeks. The rewards are reviewed once a week. Current bounties include peer to peer, verifiable:

  • 30 min to 1hr Mentoring
  • Tips (3 most voted of the week)
  • More coming soon
  • If you were part of the launching Airdrop, please review the updates on our Discord

    How do I use tokens?

    Tokens are cryptocurrency tokens from Algorand (USDC or Algos), so you can keep them on your wallet to later use then for premium services on our platform, change it for other tokens in an Exchange or cash them out to your currency. You can also:

  • Request a resume review
  • Mentoring from your favorite community member o Darshana team member
  • NFTs
  • Cash out
  • More coming soon